in your still eyes
wide with terror
i see you
seized with fear
i see innocence
amidst confusion
i see the question
that they can’t answer
: why?

in your still eyes
i see your mother
near hysteria
screaming your name
over and over
i see her weeping
like a willow tree
her eyes pleading
begging silently
wake up baby
it’s mommy

in your still eyes
i see your father
rooted to the ground
to make a sound
i see him
a complete wreck
mourning the child
he could not protect
but how he tried
God knows he tried

i see tears
of pure agony
as he rains kisses
on your lifeless body
i see his anger
i feel his pain
i hear him whisper
again and again
please baby
wake up for daddy
i bought a toy
for my little boy

in your still eyes
and hundreds like you
i see faith
i see strength
for your eyes
they may be still
but you
my little one
are made of steel

in your still eyes
amidst the destruction
i see resistance
i see dignity
i see your people
standing tall
behind those walls

in your still eyes
i see you running
with arms wide open
in His garden
i see you smiling
i hear you laughing
your beautiful soul
finally free
for eternity


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Dedicated to the children of Gaza…
May Allah shower them with His infinite mercy. Aamiinn..

Written by my daughter, Zafirah Zulkifli‬

6 thoughts on “In Your Still Eyes

  1. Heart rending expressions.. May Allah save our brothers and sisters in Gaza. All our prays are for them. For the beautiful people & children who did not survive, May Allah grant Maghfirah and Jannatul Firdaus Ameen.

  2. Subhanallah. Very moving. My prayers go to the battle-worn people of Gaza and those who became the victims of this injustice. May Allah grant them a place in Jannah. Amiin.

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