My daughter, Zafirah’s latest poem..
Photo taken from her office at the Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur.

I stand in awe
and marvel at the sight
of the yellow-orange-crimson
ball of flame
painting Your majestic sky
in bluish-purplish-reddish hues
injecting the horizon
with colours I’m not ashamed to admit
I cannot name

I stand humbled
at my utter lack of eloquence
that no matter how hard I try
to recreate this imagery
with my limited vocabulary
yet words- they fail me
and I’m unable to describe Your phenomenon
in all of its essence,
nor illustrate the spectacular way
Your sun exits the day
gracefully descending
as if in slow motion
its intensity diminishing
into a thin fine thread till there is none
and darkness engulfs

how pallid and deficient is my language
and how feeble my attempt
that I could write lines after lines after lines
to capture the grandeur of Your design
Yet my prose
they fall short
they’re not even close
to the magnificence
of Your creation

not even by a fraction

Glory be to You
Lord of the East and the West
You command ‘Be’ and it is
and I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship
but You alone
Creator of the Universe
the Last and the First

Zafirah Zulkifli
October 2014

18 thoughts on “Sunset from the 72nd Floor

  1. Diksinya amat puitis, penuh falsafah dalam tema ketuhanan, mendalam sekali isi tersirat di sebalik kata yang tersurat…. Zafirah memang penulis ke? Cantik sungguh bait-bait bicaranya…

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