Written by my daughter, Zafirah Zulkifli

I stand with the Palestinians…
You see, I’m a Muslim,
and Islam teaches me compassion,
to be just, to have patience,
to utter good words or be silent,
and to speak up against oppression,
So it is my obligation,
to support the Palestinians,
men, women and children,
whose rights to live freely,
have been taken away so cruelly,
by the army that knows no mercy,

So please, if you’re reading this,
no matter what your religion is,
for the sake of humanity,
do what is within your capacity,
just end the violence already!
refuse to accept this insanity,
stop funding the Israeli army,
and use your social media wisely,
let the world know the reality,
grossly hidden by CNN and BBC,
donate in the name of charity,
and perhaps most importantly,
pray and beseech the Almighty,
-the One who created you and me,
for Palestine to finally be free..



*Photo Googled

4 thoughts on “I stand with the Palestinians

  1. Dear Zafirah, Mashallah very well expressed and composed. Our prays for all Palestinians for their safety and wellness.

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